What to Consider when Choosing Restaurant Upholstery Fitout that Resist Stains


For those who own a restaurant, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that they are clean all the time. This is so true when it comes to the seats and the benches of the restaurant booths. To maintain the ambiance of the place, drink spills, dropped crumbs or any other messes must be well taken care of. To keep the seats as clean as possible, it is necessary to get restaurant upholstery fitout that resist stains.

14 October 2017

On the Level: How to Level Your Camper Trailer Quickly and Easily


Leveling your camper trailer is essential when you reach a campsite. It makes the inside of the camper more comfortable, but it also helps with the functioning of your camper's refrigerator. Leveling can be a time consuming process of driving the trailer up and down wedges and blocks, but it doesn't have to be. Want to take the work out of leveling a camper trailer? Then, keep these ideas in mind when you go to buy a camper trailer.

11 July 2017

The Safety Aspect of Reverse Cameras


Reverse cameras are fast becoming a typical safety feature on modern cars, and they can also be mounted on older vehicles. But what are reasons behind this new trend? Well, reverse cameras actually save lives, avert injuries and thwart accidents involving your vehicle. This article highlights 4 ways reverse camera installation can make your vehicle much safer. Get rid of blind spots Although the rear view mirror can only reveal so much, even looking back while reversing your car cannot guarantee that you'll capture everything surrounding your car.

27 February 2017