On the Level: How to Level Your Camper Trailer Quickly and Easily


Leveling your camper trailer is essential when you reach a campsite. It makes the inside of the camper more comfortable, but it also helps with the functioning of your camper's refrigerator. Leveling can be a time consuming process of driving the trailer up and down wedges and blocks, but it doesn't have to be.

Want to take the work out of leveling a camper trailer? Then, keep these ideas in mind when you go to buy a camper trailer.

1. Look for a Camper With a Hydraulic Leveling System

Some top-end camper trailers and RVs feature hydraulic leveling systems. You position the camper where you want it on your site. Then, you go the the dashboard of the RV, and you find the hydraulic controls. Typically, this is a handful of buttons that let you adjust the level of the RV as needed. This is perhaps the easiest option.

2. Consider Factory-Mounted Leveling Jacks

You can also get built-in jacks. These are popular with many medium size camper trailers and fifth wheels. Essentially, the jacks are permanently attached to the underside of the camper trailer. When you get to your site, you park the camper.

Then, you get out and adjust the jacks as needed. There's no reason to crawl under the camper. You simply turn a crank on the side of the trailer. In some cases, if you don't want to use a hand crank, you can use an electric drill to crank the jack.

The key thing to keep in mind about built-in jacks, however, is that they can get dirty and dusty on the road. They make leveling the trailer easier, but occasionally, you should crawl under the camper and clean them.

3. Metal Levelers

When you buy camper trailers that don't have built in leveling systems, you may want to try sturdy steel levelers. These are made by a few different manufacturers, and you don't have to back up the camper onto them. Rather, you park the trailer, and you just wedge the steel leveler under the wheel you want to lift.

The level essentially features two metal brackets. Each bracket is a square shape, and they are connected by a hinge in the back. When you put the leveler under the wheel, you put the hinge toward the back. Then, you use a drill to crack up the threaded bar that is in between the front sides of the metal bracket.




11 July 2017

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