Five Things That Can Help to Keep Your Car Cleaner When Your Passengers Are Children


Keeping your car tidy when you have children can be challenging. Luckily, the internet is full of articles and tips on how to keep it clean, but most of them involve a lot of organisation and diligence. Looking for the easy way out? Then, check out these supplies. They won't keep your car perfectly clean, but they will attempt to stave off the mess and make cleaning easier for you:

1. Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers protect the seats of your car from spills of toddlers, dropped snacks and melted candy bars of children, and dirt from the jeans of teenagers. In contrast, if you just let your kids sit directly on the seats, all of these things are likely to get on the upholstery which can be hard to clean. With removable car seat covers, you can take the seats off and throw them in the wash. Additionally, seat covers block the cracks and make it impossible for food to fall through the edges.

2. Sheepskin Covers

If you really want a tidy car, consider choosing sheepskin seat covers. They can be more expensive than many types of synthetic car seat covers, but by their very nature, they are self cleaning. In particular, sheepskins deter dirt and bacteria. They also work well with spills. If a child spills something in your car, the sheepskin will absorb it rather than letting it run all over the car or bleed through to your car seat. In fact, sheepskins can absorb a third of their own weight without feeling wet. To remove the spilled on liquid, you can just throw the sheepskin covers in the wash as needed.

3. Rubbish Bag

A bin liner is essential if you want to stop the deluge of rubbish that gets generated in your car from ending up on the floor. Keep a bin liner in the front with you and have your kids hand up their rubbish, or hang a bag over the seat so that your kids can reach it from the back.

4. Window Paint Markers

So that your kids can explore their artistic side without making a mess, consider investing in window paint markers. These allow your kids to write on the windows, and you can easily wipe off the marks as you want. These markers are much more effective than wax crayons which are very likely to melt in the sun and get all over cup holders, upholstery, and other nooks and crevices.

5. Baby Wipes

Finally, whether you want to wipe marks off the windows or remove food from a vinyl seat cover, baby wipes are indispensable. They can fit conveniently into your centre console or glovebox, and you can easily pull one out and use it as needed, without a lot of effort or worrying about special cleaners.


2 August 2016

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