Two Everyday Uses for Car Trailers


Many people assume that car trailers are only for tradespeople. In reality, this accessory can be very useful in many everyday situations. Here are some examples of this.

They can transport camping equipment

One perk of having a car trailer is that it can serve as a means of transporting bulky camping equipment. If you own a tiny vehicle and, as a result of this, have never been able to use anything bigger than a two-man tent and some very basic camping supplies when you use your car to go camping, then you might find a trailer useful.

This could allow you to transport, for example, an eight-person tent (which, even in its compressed form, is very bulky), as well as extra pieces of equipment like a folding camping table, camping chairs, cooking equipment, thicker sleeping mats and a big cooler box. These items could, in turn, make your camping experiences considerably more comfortable.

Furthermore, after you've finished a camping trip and your tent and other supplies are wet and coated with grass and mud, you won't have to put these dirty items into your car and transfer that dirt to your vehicle's interior; instead, you can take it home in the trailer and allow the wind to dry it all out.

They can be used to transport refuse

Car trailers are also hugely helpful when you have refuse in quantities that are too great for your household bin and you need to find a way to get that refuse to a landfill. You may find yourself with large amounts of rubbish if, for example, you renovate your home or ever do any serious decluttering.

Without a car trailer, your only options in this situation would be to pay for a skip or to stuff portions of the refuse into your vehicle and take lots of trips to the landfill. The former could be very costly (especially if you need multiple skips) whilst the latter will make your car interior stink to high heaven and will take a lot of time.

However, if you own a trailer and find yourself with lots of refuse, you can chuck all or most of it into the trailer, secure the refuse bags down with straps (to avoid leaving a trail of rubbish on the road as you drive on it) and take it to a landfill in perhaps one or two trips, without having to spend too much on petrol or without having to spend hours cleaning out your vehicle interior afterward.


31 August 2021

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