3 Major Benefits of Dyno-Tuning the Engine System of Your Vehicle


Just like any other operating machine, your vehicle experiences daily wear and tear. With time, the performance you noticed after purchasing it may not be the same. For instance, you will gradually notice changes in your pick-up speed, change of gears and many other concerns. It then becomes necessary to dyno-tune your engine system to maintain optimal performance. 

Most automobile industries will advise you on how much mileage you should complete before the engine system is checked. Therefore, do not go beyond this mileage once it is covered. Reach out to your mechanic and do what is necessary to maintain an efficient and performing engine. 

The piece below explains some common benefits of dyno-tuning the engine system of your vehicle.

Increased Horsepower 

Dyno-tuning your engine boosts the horsepower output in the vehicle. Basically, when you purchase your car from the manufacturers, it comes with the standard factory settings, including the power and software settings. With time, they begin to change due to the normal wear and tear as the car moves. During service of the engine, it is necessary to chip-tune the settings to ensure they offer the best horsepower possible for your car.

Boosting the engine horsepower changes the fuel/air ratio as well as the timing. Hence, your vehicle exhibits perfect fuel injection, increasing its power and torque. 

Increased Fuel Efficiency

With difficult economic times, the rate at which your car consumes fuel should always be a slight concern. Engine dyno-tuning offers the best solution to manage the efficiency of your vehicle. In most cases, your mechanic will check the plugs and cylinder cover to ensure they are in good shape. If not, they can advise you on what should be replaced to control how much fuel is consumed.

If you notice that your vehicle drags and lacks pick-up power, it is time to check the engine to ensure it is diagnosed for any mechanical breakdowns. Such difficulties of speed picking during acceleration can affect the efficiency of fuel consumption of your car and must be addressed on time. 

Clean Fuel Burn 

Proper engine dyno-tuning gives your engine system a clean fuel burn. In essence, many technology systems work in combination to get the most out of the fuel. These include injection, gearbox transmission, fuel/air ration, timing, etc. 

If your engine burns fuel properly, you experience a combination of power, efficiency and reduced build-up in the vehicle. In addition, a clean fuel burn will protect the lifespan of your engine, gearbox system and many other sensitive parts. Contact a vehicle dyno-tuning service near you to learn more.


20 April 2022

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