A Guide On GCM and GVM Upgrades


Most off-road enthusiasts feel their vehicles are not as functional as they need. Typically, most off-road vehicles have a low payload since they have a high curb weight. A GCM or GVM upgrade is a sure way to increase your off-roader's payload or hauling capacity. Below is an extensive excerpt on these upgrades. 

What Are GCM and GVM And Why Are They Important? 

GVM is the gross vehicle mass. It is the maximum weight a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded. It includes the passengers, fuel, accessories and cargo. To establish your vehicle's payload, subtract the kerb weight from the GVM. The payload is limited for most off-roaders since the vehicle's kerb is significantly heavy. This makes it challenging to add additional equipment, such as bull bars, roof racks and ute drawers, which are extremely heavy. If you opt to add this equipment, you have to limit the number of passengers or weight of cargo to ensure you do not exceed the weight limits.  

GCM is the gross combination mass. It is the GVM combined with the allowed hauling capacity. Typically, you must increase the GCM to tow heavier loads. For instance, if you purchase heavy equipment such as a boat, you do not need a new off-roader to tow the boat from the port to your home for storage. You might also want to increase the GCM if you buy a heavier trailer or intend to haul massive weights. 

What Upgrades Should You Consider? 

There are many GCM and GVM upgrades that enthusiasts can consider. Nevertheless, you will not find a one-fits-all package. The general rule is to assess your needs to determine the required payload or towing capacity. For instance, if you buy a new vehicle, list all after-market equipment you intend to install on the car. Then, assess the maximum weight that the vehicle will carry to determine the required payload. Moreover, evaluate your hauling needs to establish the needed GCM. Exceed the required hauling capacity or payload by several kilograms to ensure you do not strain the vehicle's suspension and handling. 

Most professionals will recommend various upgrades, including shocks, front and rear coils, struts and rear axles to increase the GVM. Additional upgrades include weight distribution hitch systems, cast head assemblies, tow bar assemblies, tongues, drop shanks and hitches to increase the GCM. When choosing an upgrade shop, inquire whether the workshop has the accreditation needed to conduct the upgrades. Moreover, you must receive a compliance plate indicating the new GCM and GVM. 

Contact a local dealer to learn more about different cars and specifications, like a next-gen Ford Ranger GCM.


28 August 2023

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