3 Things You Need To Know About Your Exhaust System


How much do you know about the exhaust system that's fitted on your car? As a responsible motorist, you should have as much factual information as possible about different components of your vehicle. Unfortunately, there's often a lot of "conventional wisdom" when it comes to matters concerning vehicles.

This article points out three things you must know about vehicle exhaust systems if you consider yourself a responsible motorist.

Idling Is Not Good For Your Exhaust System

It's widely accepted that car engines need to warm up upon ignition. Thus, motorists often let the engine run for several minutes before they start driving. The next time you think of letting your engine run idle for several minutes, consider the possible effect that this might have on your exhaust system.

When the engine runs idle, there's partial combustion of fuel because the engine operates at a lower temperature than that required for its optimum performance. Partial combustion produces exhaust gases that have higher quantities of fuel residue (e.g. soot particles). Therefore, your exhaust system is forced to work harder in order to eliminate the residue-filled gases from the vehicle.

Idling also creates an opportunity for water vapour to condense on various components of the exhaust system, thereby creating fertile ground for corrosion on the exhaust system.

A Wider Exhaust System Might Not Translate To Greater Efficiency

It's also widely accepted that wider exhausts allow for a less restricted flow of exhaust gases. This might not always be true. For one, exhaust gases are produced in pulses as opposed to a continuous stream.

A wider exhaust system might be less restrictive, but it's likely to reduce the velocity at which gases travel through the system. Reduced velocity slows down the rate at which these gases are expelled out of the system, which could make the exhaust less efficient.

Your Exhaust System Might Not Be As Good As The Manufacturer Claims

The thought of a system that reduces the production of harmful exhaust gases appeals to many vehicle owners, and it's used as a selling point by many vehicle manufacturers. Some of the claims made by manufacturers are often far from the truth. For example, Volkswagen was recently found to have been cheating its way through vehicle emission tests using a software application.

Before you take pride in having an environmentally friendly exhaust system, have it tested at your local auto service shop. If what Volkswagen has been doing is anything to go by, you can't really trust what your vehicle manufacturer says about the exhaust.


15 August 2016

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