Four Crucial Considerations for Purchasing an Ideal Car Trailer


If you are planning on purchasing a car trailer, you should choose the best unit for your applications. The right trailer will provide a convenient structure for hauling your vehicles. Moreover, if you acquire a well-built trailer, you will enjoy long term service. On the other hand, the poor choice of trailer could cause premature failure of the structure, and the uses of the unit would be limited. Here are practical factors to consider for the ideal selection of a car trailer.

Steel or Aluminium

When choosing your car trailer, you should compare the benefits of aluminium and steel structures. Both materials have their advantages in trailer fabrication. In general, aluminium is favoured because it is flexible and lightweight. Also, the material is invulnerable to rust. Steel has exceptional strength; the metal will not be damaged by heavy weight. For car haulage trailers, this alloy is more reliable than aluminium. The intrinsic strength will promote structural durability and better performance.

Galvanised or Painted

If you choose a steel car trailer for your haulage applications, you should remember that this metal is vulnerable to rusting, unlike aluminium. If the surfaces are left bare, you will notice the oxidation and general degradation of the material. Therefore, you should ensure that the surfaces are protected. You can choose galvanised or painted car trailers. The former option is more durable and favourable for heavy-duty applications. If you are interested in painting, you should be prepared to apply fresh coats periodically.

Open or Enclosed

You can choose an open or closed trailer design for your haulage needs. The right choice will depend on your budget, preference and applications. Typically, the cost of an enclosed trailer is high because of the extra materials and labour required for fabrication. However, this design will ensure the protection of the cargo from the harsh elements during shipping projects. On the other hand, if you are not planning on moving high-value cars or other precious cargo, you can save your money by purchasing an open trailer.

Size and Capacity

Finally, you should think about the size and load-bearing capacity of the different car trailers on the market before purchasing the best shipping unit for your applications. The correct size of your trailer should depend on the type and number of vehicles you intend to move at once. You should also calculate the required weight capacity. You should ensure that the total intended haulage loads do not exceed the maximum weight rating for optimal performance and safety.


3 May 2018

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