Understanding the Practicable Use of an Off-Road Bull Bar and What Features to Consider


If you do plenty of bush driving, you may have come close to hitting an animal, either when driving at night or during the day. If you do not have an off-road bull bar, you should think about getting one. They help absorb the impact of a hit and protect you and your vehicle from significant damage. If you do most of your driving in towns, a bull bar may not be necessary, and you may even cause more harm with it to other road users. Here are a few key things to note when it comes to off-road bull bars.

High-Impact Safety and Lightweight

You want to get a bull bar that is light to reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, lighter bull bars lessen the wear and tear of your tyres and suspension that heavy metallic bull bars cause. Alternative materials currently used are aluminium and polyethylene. Polyethylene is used to make what is being referred to as a smartbar. The smartbar absorbs high impacts and returns to its original shape. You might want to consider it.

If you have some money, you can get the metal bull bar. All you will have to do is strengthen your suspension, get quality tyres and fuel your vehicle more often. The metal bull bar may be heavy but will offer you and your truck higher-impact safety. You will also be able to add more accessories like a winch and driving lights. A winch will come in handy if you get stuck somewhere. Remember that you are bush driving, and chances of getting stuck are high.

You want a bull bar that will absorb as much impact as possible, leaving your engine and other components undamaged. This is because if you are in remote areas you may be left immobilised with no way to call for help. Your goal should be being able to drive off after the impact. Try to reduce the chances of a collision by driving during the day and avoiding nights when possible. For some individuals, especially if you are trying to save on travel time, avoiding nights might not be possible. To be safe, get a quality off-road bull bar.


Do not get bull bars that have not been collision tested. Sometimes the test may be referred to as a frontal offset impact crash test. There are instances where a person has hit an animal and the pedals have been displaced. You want to know what little damage you expect when you use a particular bull bar.


29 November 2018

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