Two tips to keep in mind if you need transport and store valuable items in your truck


If you need to transport and store valuable goods in your truck and are worried that these items could be stolen whilst they are in your vehicle, here are some steps that you can take to stop this from happening:

Buy an alloy UTE tray and an alloy canopy

The robustness of the tray in which you store your valuable items, along with the strength of the canopy which covers this tray, will play a huge role in keeping these things safe whilst you are stowing them in the back of your truck. If you want to stop thieves from accessing these goods, you should ensure that both the tray and the canopy are made from alloys.  

The main reason for this is that alloy trays and canopies are extremely tough. They cannot be easily cracked or broken, even when significant force is applied to them with heavy tools like a sledgehammer.

As such, if whilst your vehicle is parked in a public place and is unoccupied, a thief tries to break into the back of it, it is highly unlikely that they will be successful due to the strength of the alloy materials from which both your tray and canopy are made.

In this type of situation, after a few attempts at damaging the canopy or the tray, most thieves would probably admit defeat and scurry away out of fear that the noise produced by their efforts to break into the vehicle would lead to them being noticed and apprehended.

Fit a wireless alarm on your UTE tray

Another step you can take is to fit a wireless alarm onto the section of your UTE tray. When you switch on this alarm, it will generate a high-decibel sound if anyone accesses the interior of your vehicle's tray and tries to steal your items.

This vehicle accessory will serve two purposes: firstly, when it produces the aforementioned noise, it should frighten the person who set off the alarm by breaking into the back of the vehicle and cause them to abandon their plan to steal your goods and to instead run away. Secondly, if you are nearby when this incident occurs, the sound will alert you to the attempted theft and allow you to quickly run over to your vehicle or to call the police.

If you decide to buy this accessory, make sure that the alarm is suitable for outdoor use and that it is designed in such a way that it will be easy to attach to the tray.


2 June 2019

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