Three Fundamental Tips for Maintaining Your New Plant Trailer


The right plant trailer will enhance the overall productivity of your commercial, construction, agricultural or industrial operations. In general, this type of vehicle is designed to promote easy transportation of critical pieces of equipment like forklifts. If you acquire one, you will reduce your long-term haulage costs, ensure convenience and avoid project delays. Typically, these trailers are resilient and durable. However, if you would like to keep your unit in a good state, you must be diligent in upkeep. Here are basic tips for maintaining a plant trailer.

Install Secondary Brakes

You should ensure that your plant trailer has secondary brakes before using the equipment for haulage. This is crucial because the typical loads hauled using the unit are quite heavy. Therefore, if there are no dedicated brakes, handling will be difficult and dangerous. Moreover, the towing vehicle and the trailer will experience more strain and subsequent wear. Under ideal circumstances, the secondary brakes should have been incorporated in the unit. However, if they are not, you can purchase the accessories and have them installed by a qualified mechanic.

Check Your Loads

Loading habits will determine the performance and durability of your plant trailer. If you do not follow good practices, it is probable that the vehicle will experience mechanical stress during transportation. Consequently, some structural components will deteriorate faster, and complete failure may occur. Therefore, you should ensure that all users are aware of the maximum weight capacity of the plant trailer. This will minimise the risk of overloading. Also, ensure that the loads are always placed on the unit with proper weight distribution. In addition, secure the equipment being hauled to prevent constant shifting during haulage.

Clean and Service

Your plant trailer will be exposed to unfavourable conditions during its service life. Therefore, you must ensure that the unit is cleaned and serviced to promote consistent performance. Cleaning a trailer is not a challenging process. One can simply use water and soap. If there are stubborn stains, the surfaces can be scrubbed, or a pressure washer may be used. The right servicing process will depend on the trailer manufacturer's guidelines. However, there are some universal tasks that you must conduct, including inspecting the brakes, checking the lights and monitoring the rate of tyre wear. If you notice anomalies, plan for immediate repairs to prevent malfunctions during transportation.

If you have concerns about the performance and capability of your new plant trailer, consult your specialist supplier for expert guidance and help. 


30 July 2020

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